Tips On Prepare Excel 2016 Data Source for a Word Mail Merge

You’ve constructed a rundown of contacts and other information that you need to use for a Word mail blend. On the off chance that your information source is a current Excel spreadsheet, at that point you just need to set up the information for a mail combine.

Be that as it may, if your information source is a tab delimited (.txt) or a comma-isolated esteem (.csv) document, you first need to import the information into Excel, and after that set it up for a mail consolidate.

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Stage 1: Set up your information source in Excel

In case you’re now utilizing an Excel spreadsheet as your information hotspot for a mail blend in Word, go to Step 2 in this theme.

On the off chance that the information source is a .txt or a .csv document that contains your Gmail contacts, for instance, utilize the Text Import Wizard to set up your information in Excel.


1. Open Excel.

2. On the Data tab, pick Get External Data > From Text.

3. Pick the .txt or .csv document you need, and afterward pick Import.

4. In the Text Import Wizard, in the Original information write sheet, pick Delimited.

5. Select the My information has headers check box over the Preview sheet if the record

you’re bringing in has headers, and after that pick Next.

6. In the Delimiters sheet, select the check box that matches the delimiter your information uses, and after that pick Next.

7. Under Data see, pick the segment that contains ZIP Codes or postal codes, what’s more, under Column information organize, pick Text.

8.Repeat stage 7 as essential, picking the segment you need to change and the information organize you need to apply.

9.Choose Finish.

10. In the Import Data discourse box, acknowledge the default setting of Existing worksheet and the cell address, and after that pick OK.

11. Spare your spreadsheet with another document name.


Stage 2: Prepare your information source


In your Excel information source that you’ll use for a mailing list in a Word mail consolidate, ensure you design segments of numeric information accurately. Configuration a segment with numbers, for instance, to coordinate a particular class, for example, money.

In the event that you pick rate as a class, know that the rate organization will increase the cell esteem by 100. Organization a section of rates as content in the event that you need to maintain a strategic distance from that augmentation factor.

Additionally, a section that contains ZIP Codes or postal codes should be arranged as content to safeguard the information amid a mail consolidate. Driving zeros—for instance, 00399—in codes are dropped amid a mail blend on the off chance that they’re not designed as content.

Open your Excel information source and pick the segment that contains the ZIP Codes or postal codes.

On the Home tab, in the Number gathering, pick the Number Format (General) box down bolt, and after that pick an alternative in the rundown.

Ensure you include the fitting image previously or after a union field.


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