| Your Outlook Account Settings are Obsolete – Windows 10 Mail Application Warning

In the event that your Mail application or Calendar application gives a notice that Your Outlook account settings are obsolete on your Windows 10 PC, at that point this post may intrigue you.

Your Outlook account settings are obsolete

When you sign in to your Windows 10 PC, you may abruptly observe this notice fly up in the base right half of the screen.

On the off chance that you miss this fly up warning, you will have the capacity to see it in the Action Center.

Tapping on both of these, ie the fly up warning or the connection in the Action Center will open the Mail application, where you will see a message. You will see two choices – Fix record or Dismiss.

Once the issue is settled, the window will exit and all will be fine! This worked for me.

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So what was the issue that it had recognized and was settling? I genuinely have no clue. This just flew on my PC screen today, and I chose to expound on it.

In any case, there are reports that this Fix issue catch isn’t working for a few clients. All things considered, here are a couple of things you might need to experiment with.

1] Restart your PC and sign in utilizing your Microsoft Account and check whether this prevents the warnings from showing up.

2] Did you change any of your Microsoft Account settings on the web? Possibly you changed your secret key. Assuming this is the case, your Mail application might need to synchronize its settings with Outlook. You should ensure that your most recent secret key is the same on the web, in the Mail application and Outlook on the off chance that you utilize it.

3] Check your Windows PC time. Open Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region > Date and Time > Internet Time. Uncheck Synchronize with an Internet time server and set your framework time physically. Check whether this makes a difference.

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Having done these, check whether the notice still shows up or if the Fix issue catch now works.

On the off chance that you have some other thoughts, make certain to share them in the remarks area, with the goal that they may help somebody sometime in the future.

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